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Game of the Month Game of the Month February - Hey Big Spender!

Game of the Month February - Hey Big Spender!

hey_big_spenderThe player manages to spend money on company-paid dinners in exceptional restaurants (above the normal company policy) as well as hotel rooms and other luxuries. She is  perceived to be “able to do this” and therefore is seen as somehow protected by senior management, giving her an aura of power that she is able to use to achieve her ends.
Example:  Sergei made it a habit to dine in Michelin starred restaurants and stay in penthouse hotel suites. In addition, when he “visited” a site in the United States, instead of coming to the site he would hold court in a hotel room; people needed to travel from the site to visit him. This created an aura that he was somehow well connected because otherwise such expense “abuse” would not be tolerated.

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Games of the Month

Token Involvement

To play Token Involvement, a manager conducts opinion surveys, focus group, or involvement meetings to communicate that "your opinion matters", but these activities are done only to make people feel involved rather than actually to involve them. The real intention is just to get rid of the complaints and for managers to show their management that they´re doing the "right" thing-involving their people in the decision-making process. The same game is played when leaders involve their direct reports supercially, soliciting their views on department strategy but relying exclusively on their views on department strategy but relying exclusively on thei own view. Cynicism becomes employees´ultimate response to this game, and they lose respect for management. Perhaps evens worse, when management really needs employees to be committed and contribuing to a major project, they have great difficulty securing this involvement.


Praise for Games at Work

jacopoA terrific read not only for senior leaders and executives but also for employees seeking growth in complex organizations. Goldstein and Read dissect the interpersonal dynamics that affect a company’s performance, provide a framework to understand the games that are commonly played in businesses around the world, and offer practical tools to correct these behaviors and improve the organization’s effectiveness.

Jacopo Bracco Executive Vice President DIRECTV Latin America

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